Course 1

Fleas and ticks are not just a warm weather problem, but often pet owners do not think about protecting their dogs or cats when the weather is cooler. Owners may select cheap over the counter treatments and not follow professional veterinary recommendations. But if you can help them understand the dangers ectoparasites pose and the benefits of innovative, extended protection offered by prescription-only, you can help ensure they think about protecting their dogs and cats.

This program is divided into four short chapters and will share information you can use to help treat the animals in your care and enhance the extraordinary service you offer your clients. Then earn professional learning credits by testing yourself on the material covered, including the characteristics and risk of fleas and ticks; the science, molecules and methods behind treatment and the benefits of continuous, long-lasting protection.

The Basics of Extraordinary Flea and Tick Protection

Access important information and videos that will help you stay in the know about fleas and ticks, the diseases they carry, and the extraordinary ways to protect cats and dogs from ectoparasites.


Bravecto FAQs

Get quick answers to the most frequently asked questions about Bravecto, so you can confidently help pet owners understand the benefits of the longest-lasting protection against fleas and ticks available in a spot-on or chew.