Course 2

You love animals and want to provide the best care to each and every one that comes into your clinic. But pet owners are only likely to follow treatment recommendations if they understand the full value of the treatment – for both their pets and themselves. Approach each and every client with confidence – and gain their trust and participation.

This brief program provides helpful tips and useful information to help you communicate even better with your clients as you provide their dogs and cats with extraordinary treatment. Then, put your knowledge to the test and earn professional learning credits with the follow-up online quiz.

The Basics of Extraordinary Communication with Pet Owners

Access important information, videos and quizzes to gain best practices and valuable information to help you improve your communications with pet owners to make sure the pets you help treat get extraordinary protection.


Bravecto FAQs

Get quick answers to the most frequently asked questions about Bravecto, so you can confidently help pet owners understand the benefits of the longest-lasting protection against fleas and ticks available in a spot-on or chew.