Course 3

From adding new products to reordering treatments to marketing products and building loyalty, you have a lot on your plate. As practice manager, it's up to you to make sure that the practice runs as smoothly as possible, and that can be a lot of pressure.

This third installment of the Extraordinary Care Educational Series will share how to better manage operations in your clinic – so you can meet your goals. After you’ve finished the program, demonstrate your understanding of the material we’ve covered – including reordering, promoting new products, and maintaining clinic loyalty – with the follow-up online quiz.

The Basics of Extraordinary Practice Management

Access important information, videos and quizzes that will help you better manage operations throughout your clinic, bring in new customers and make your practice run smoothly.


Bravecto FAQs

Get quick answers to the most frequently asked questions about Bravecto, so you can confidently help pet owners understand the benefits of the longest-lasting protection against fleas and ticks available in a spot-on or chew.